Running with Raven

[re-written May 2024 from the original copy in July 2019]

Every day, rain or shine, in sickness or in health, in every type of weather condition – an event takes place on South Beach in Miami Beach, FL.  At 5:30 pm folks gather for “roll call” at the 5th Street Lifeguard Station and get ready to run with Raven. What an inspiring story:

Robert “Raven” Kraft has been running 8 miles every day on South Beach.  He’s been doing this since 1975 and those who run with him (the whole way) get into his hall of fame and he gives them nicknames.  Our local CBS outlet CBS4Miami (WFOR-TV) produced a video story of this phenomenon.

Runners World also shares his story in this video:


You can order Laura Lee Huttenbach’s book “Running with Raven,” that tells the story – a depressed songwriter who had lyrics stolen and recorded by someone else – how he turned to running – and now Raven has become an inspirational institution down here in South Florida.

Now in May of 2024 he is still running on South Beach.  Though he has cut down on the amount of miles he runs each day, he decided to re-focus on his love for music. Axios Miami published an article called Running saved Raven. Now music is his escape about his current life and music. It’s worth the read.


I heard about him in 2019 from the daily motivational/business video “Darren Daily“  produced every weekday by Darren Hardy (business mentor and former CEO and Publisher of Success Magazine).  You can subscribe for free using the link above.  Each video runs about 3-7 minutes and only stays active for 3 days.  Thousands of people receive “Darren Daily” in their inbox and I know you will find it very beneficial for your own growth and development (personal and business).

Darren put a challenge out to his readers/viewers in May, 2019 for a contest that would start on June 3 and last until August 31 (90 days).  He called the opportunity: the “Summer Raven Run Challenge,” and if anyone could complete all 90 days (running or walking at least 1 mile), the top winners would get t-shirts, autographed copies of the book and the top 3 got to run with Darren and Raven.  (I’m sure some complimentary business coaching took place during those 8 miles).

Well, I took on the challenge and completed it.  I didn’t win anything and that was really ok, I did it for the experience and to test myself to learn a new habit.  I had never in my life committed to something like this.  I felt great about myself, playing full out, and working with the mantra “never give up or quit.”  If I strayed, I didn’t give up and just got back to working the plan.

I look at Raven as a model for changing habits.  He is persistent, committed, passionate, determined, and driven, living life with exhilaration and taking all of the folks who join him every day along for the ride.  He’s never given up, even while being sick, or experiencing a hurricane, he’s like the “Energizer Bunny,” he “just keeps going and going.”

Evan Carmichael, video educator, coach, and business guru says it takes 254 days to break a habit or create a new one.  That’s the upper limit, the lower limit is 21 days, and for any given person it’s somewhere in-between. I’ providing two links that will give you a feel for Evan and work may help you with developing and enriching habits that serve you. Evan Carmichael Believe Homepage and Sign up for Evan’s 254 videos

I invite you to take a look at your habits and things you want to change.  What are you willing to do or give up in order to develop the new habits?

I’ve created a worksheet called “Becoming Clear About What You Really Want.”  I’ll gift it to you if you’ll sign up for my newsletter. (still working on getting the gift to work with the signup – coming soon).

Let me know in the comments below, how this worksheet helps you, and what are some of the new habits you are looking to develop!

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