Mantra for Self-Esteem

I’ve heard Trent Shelton stimulate his audiences with a simple mantra.  The mantra motivates, inspires, and helps set intentions that will guide and change your life.  Celebrate yourself today and make a contribution to others today!

Trent says to the audience and has them repeat:

“Put your hand over your heart.  I want you to make a pledge to yourself!

Dear Self:
Everything changes this year!

Dear Self:
From this moment on my life will never be the same!
No more hoping,
No more wishing,
I will be the change,
I must be the change,
I have to be the change!

Dear Self:
No more playing it small,
No more half-assed effort,
I’m dedicated to giving my all!

Dear Self:
I’m proud of you!

Dear Self:
It All Starts With YOU!”

Watch Trent’s Video here:


Steve Ulrich adds:
Give yourself some loud applause, then go to a mirror and give yourself a “High-Five”
You Got This!

Thanks Trent!

Have an awesome day!

You are not broken, You are becoming

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