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Here is Your Prescription for Happiness

I recently heard about a doctor who has a prescription pad which is used to prescribe 10 remedies for happiness. He name is Dr. Leif Hass and he is part of Sutter Health in the San Francisco Bay Area. He wrote an article in the Greater Good Magazine called “10 Happiness Practices a Doctor Prescribes …

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Congratulations Graduates

One of the best moments of a graduation ceremony is the special keynote graduation speech from a well-known person.  It’s an incredible feeling you get when you witness and listen to a legendary figure, maybe former graduate of the school, and a person who has “made it” in life and now wants to impart their …

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Mantra for Self-Esteem

I’ve heard Trent Shelton stimulate his audiences with a simple mantra.  The mantra motivates, inspires, and helps set intentions that will guide and change your life.  Celebrate yourself today and make a contribution to others today! Trent says to the audience and has them repeat: “Put your hand over your heart.  I want you to …

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Running with Raven

[re-written May 2024 from the original copy in July 2019] Every day, rain or shine, in sickness or in health, in every type of weather condition – an event takes place on South Beach in Miami Beach, FL.  At 5:30 pm folks gather for “roll call” at the 5th Street Lifeguard Station and get ready to …

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I Need More Time!

[Originally posted on July 17, 2019, rewritten, and updated. I created a Website called “Path to Clarity” back in 2019, then gave up on the project.  I’m restarting the site and following the dream again as “Steven Ulrich (South Florida).”  Check out my “About” page to read my story.] “I need more time,” is a …

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